Adventure Therapy for Young Adults

Sometimes a young adult fids themselves a little lost and without any sort of direction for their future. Wingate Wilderness Therapy understands how sometimes, a little help is all that is needed.

You can reach us today for more information about how Wingate can change your life at 1-800-560-1599.

Our adventure therapy program is fully accredited and well known for being a successful, caring school that has its students well being as our top priority. We offer a new way to recover by introducing our students to the great outdoors. Our trained therapists and other leaders will show your young adult the resources they have within themselves to affect change, both on their own and with others. 

What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure Therapy is just that--experiences full of adventure! As we explore the outdoors, we participate in many different activities intent on teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and confidence. These can include mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, and camping. Any number of adventures can be had at our Wingate locations, while we teach compassion, independence, respect, initiative, responsibility, and other life skills.

Why Wingate?


Young Adults come to us for a variety of reasons, including:

1- Substance abuse - Many young adults find themselves struggling with addiction and don't see a way out of it. It becomes a habit that is almost second nature, and if they run into legal or physical trouble, it can destroy many chances for the future.

2 - Lack of confidence or initiative - Young men and women can find themselves stuck after high school, wondering what to do next. Often they don't have the initiative to pursue jobs or further schooling, leaving them to sometimes fill their time with harmful things instead.

3 - Mental health issues - Young adults can struggle with many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and others. These are often the cause for their lack of confidence and why they don't look beyond the very next day for their future.

4 - Anger issues - Anger can be a terrible burden for anyone, most especially a young adult whose emotions are still changing. It may rule many different aspects of life, preventing your son or daughter from progressing or even living. 

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is specialized in treating all of these struggles and more. Call us at 1-800-560-1599 to speak with one of our specialists so that we can get your young adult on the path to success.



Wilderness Living

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