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Programs for Troubled Teens near California

The number of different programs that a parent can choose from around California that are designed to help troubled teens, can leave parents feeling overwhelmed. At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, our goal is to help the parents of troubled teens take action and be able to help the child they love.  Don’t feel like you are alone in this decision, as a parent, you want to be sure that you are choosing the best program for your struggling teen. Call Wingate today at 800-560-1599 to speak with one of our specialists and get a personalized plan of action for your family.

The Challenges Facing Troubled Teens is Tremendous

As a parent in California it can be overwhelming to try a struggling teen during these times.  Just because times are different doesn’t mean that all is lost, or that you are powerless to help. The challenges that teenagers face are completely different than just a few years ago. Access to drugs, alcohol, pornography, and violence can be found with just a few clicks of a keyboard. It can be hard as a parent to know how help a wayward child but it isn’t impossible. Most teens look at life through the eyes of the media and think that getting into a little trouble is the thing to do and that it is just part of experiencing life. Unfortunately some of those decisions can have unintended consequences that can follow them the rest of their adult life making it difficult to gain employment, or have a relationship with others. The time to act is now, the sooner that the problem is identified and corrected, the sooner the child can continue on living a normal life.

Helping Struggling Youth Make Changes in California

Most boarding schools remove the teen from the situation that is causing them to make bad decisions, but it doesn’t necessarily change their behavior. Often, those same kids, when they go back to their old life, those old choices come right back with them. Our program takes an approach that let’s the struggling teen think about their life, we don’t use force to change behavior, and we don’t keep them confined in a building all day.  They are allowed to explore nature with the help of our trained staff who are there to give guidance where necessary, and allow them to make changes on their own. Allowing teens the ability to learn from their mistakes, and choose a better way. The therapy has a more lasting effect with fewer chances of going back to old ways. We want them to feel like they changed because they wanted to, not because they were forced to.  

Our Program is Helping Troubled Youth from California

Programs for troubled adolescents are designed to provide assistance and when necessary intervention to troubled teenage boys and girls from California. Often teens need out-of-home placement because traditional therapy has not worked for that individual. If you are looking to find out if our program will work for you, call Wingate at 800-560-1599 and speak with one of our specialists today.

Violence and Teens in America Today

The growing epidemic of troubled teenage violence goes way past just the big cities of America and infiltrates virtually every single community without regard for wealth status (the rich and the poor). Just 30 years ago the rate of 14 to 19 year old arrests went was 5 per 1000 and today is up to 125 per 1000 teens get arrested in that age range. 

We see these alarming numbers at Wingate Wilderness Therapy and we know that we can help many of these teens that are struggling in todays violent environment. For immediate reasons how we can help, please call 1-800-560-1599.

Because of the intense and prolific amount of violence in our communities and city streets throught the country, teens are left without guidance and encouragement. This becomes an outlet for crime and especially violent behavior.  One common thread that is prevalent among violent teens is the lack of a father or father/male role model. The absence of a father figure has consequences that are felt throughout the community and the nation. As parents and guardians of our young men and women we must be aware of this issue and recognize that unless we act now, it will only get worse.

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Call 1-800-560-1599 or email us now to confidentially discuss
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