Boot Camps for Troubled Teens in New York 

If you are a parent in New York that feels helpless in saving your troubled teen from living a negative lifestyle, then you may have been deceived into thinking that Boot Camps for Troubled Teens can help save your child. The truth of the matter is, boot camps for troubled teens are almost always counterproductive in combatting the many issues troubled teens may be struggling with. If you are a parent of a troubled teen please call WinGate Wilderness Therapy today. We are a highly specialized wilderness therapy program that helps teens that are currently struggling with meeting their full potential due to poor choices they are currently making. For immediate assistance, contact our Admissions Director at 1 800 560 1599.

Why are boot camps counterproductive and dangerous for troubled teens?

Boot camps were never created with the intentions of providing intervention to teens that are currently struggling in life. Boot camps were never created to assist parents in helping change their teens negative lifestyle and provide therapeutic intervention. Boot camps were designed to help sculpt America's heroes into capable soldiers. These facilities are highly effective in shaping our soldiers and instilling core values such as leadership and discipline. In theory, a program that is designed to help instill such values could greatly benefit teens that currently have little or no discipline and are currently floundering in a negative lifestyle. In reality however, this is simply not the case.

Troubled teens do not benefit from the services of a boot camp because they do not want to be there. Troubled teens tend to resent or even show disdain towards authority figures. A rebellious teen that is screamed at, put down and ordered to show respect towards an authority figure will more than likely be reinforced with even more hatred and resentment towards authority. Troubled adolescents will most likely comply while at a boot camp, mostly because they have no other choice, but will likely revert back to their negative behavior after returning home.

Boot camps do little or nothing when it comes to giving therapeutic intervention to troubled teens. This is troublesome because the majority of troubled teens desperately need therapeutic guidance in order to promote real and permanent change. Do not be misguided and deceived by these facilities. If you are desperate and need help with saving your troubled teen today, please call WinGate today at 1 800 560 1599. We will inform you how we will promote real change from within your teen and help them meet their almost limitless potential.


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