Equine Therapy or Hippotherapy Offers Therapeutic and Behavioral Change for Kids and Teens Using Horses

Equine therapy, also referred to as horse therapy or hippotherapy, provides troubled teens the opportunity to improve communication skills. Horses react to both verbal and non-verbal communication, providing students in our adventure wildnersss programs instant feedback, whether positive or negative.

This feedback in equine therapy for troubled teens ages 10 – 17 allows students to learn how to control their verbal and non-verbal emotions.

Equine therapy is a important aspect of how WinGate helps our teens see lasting behavioral change. WinGate offers a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment to work through the students' personal, academic, behavioral, and family issues.

Horses provide immediate and clear feedback based on what and how our students communicate with them, giving critical communication lessons that students can use in later interactions with family, friends, and peers.

To learn more about how WinGate wilderness program for troubled teens utilizes hippotherapy to improve communication and emotional control for your teen, contact us today by asking for more information click here, or contact admissions counselors toll-free at (866)439–3429.

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