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Group Homes for Troubled Teens

Group Homes for Troubled TeenagersGroup homes for troubled teens are designed to provide 24 hour care, individual and group therapy, and therapeutic supervision to a small group of struggling teens in a home-like setting. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is the perfect adjunct to the group home.  Meaning, students that complete WinGate Wilderness prior to enrolling into a group home program tend to do better than all other students.

Group home programs for troubled teens are created to provide a therapeutic environment with life coaching; teaching and training of simple like skills combined with therapy. Troubled teens in a group home receive assistance in making emotional and behavioral improvements. Group homes can also be a step-down from a residential treatment program.

Group Homes for Troubled Teens & Life Skills Development

Group home programs are set up to include individual and group therapy, academic pursuits, as well as vocational development.  More importantly, the best group homes provide real life training through life skills development. The top group homes offer recreational and real life activities that integrate into the treatment plan of the client. Moreover, group homes for struggling teens offer rules that are usually enforced to produce a prosocial positive culture.  

Group home staff are usually professionally trained people that are responsible to create a safe therapeutic environment for the best interest of the client. In the best group homes the residents attend school onsite with help from certified teachers.   Direct care staff support teachers, acting as tutors as they handle the behavioral expectations of the home.

While living in the group home student privileges are typically earned through a level system established by adherence to rules. Troubled teens living in a group home are typically encouraged to take responsibility in running the home, including; planning, shopping and preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing dishes, planning group activities and dealing with conflicts.

The idea is that living and learning to work together as a group provides students with the opportunity to learn life skills. When conflict arise between residents professional staff are able to use the adversity as teaching opportunities.  If you are a parent looking at a group home for your troubled child please call the Admissions Counselor at WinGate Wilderness Therapy program.  We can help you find the perfect solution for your struggling child

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