Group Homes for Troubled Teens in Texas

Group Homes for Troubled Teens in TexasParents that are currently struggling to raise a troubled teen in Texas can find the help they need from group homes for troubled teens. We here at WinGate Wilderness Therapy will help you and your family find the treatment best for your teen. Let us inform you how we can help you. If you would like to know more information on how our unique wilderness program can provide adequate therapeutic intervention, call us now at 1 800 560 1599.

Here at WinGate We believe that group homes for troubled teens are a good resource for helpless parents to utilize when it comes to finding therapeutic intervention for their troubled teen. However, we also believe that by first sending your teen to our wilderness program, you will ensure that the teen will receive all of the therapeutic treatment they can with more ease than other troubled teens.

Group homes for troubled teen boys and girls are essentially, programs for troubled teens in a home-based environment. They are specialized facilities that are under 24 hour supervision under professional and therapeutic professionals. Group homes are perfect for troubled teens struggling with issues such as, entitlement, minor drug or alcohol addiction, mild eating disorders, poor or negative friendships, partying or sneaking out on the weekends, academically unmotivated, laziness or even depression.

If you are in immediate need of assistance in getting help for your troubled teen, don't hesitate to call us here at WinGate Wilderness Therapy. Our number is 1 800 560 1599. We will be the first step in your teens road to recovery and prosperity.


WinGate Currently Serves families from the following cities in Texas

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Garland, Lubbock, Irving, Laredo, Amarillo, Pasadena, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Abilene, Beaumont, Waco, Carrollton, McAllen, Wichita Falls, Midland, Richardson, Odessa, San Angelo, Killeen, Tyler, Denton, Lewisville, Longview, College Station,

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