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Adventure Therapy Programs for Young Adults

WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Young Adult feeling encouraged with therapeutic wilderness at therapeutic programWinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program giving Adventure Therapy to troubled young adults who are experiencing substance abuse and/or academic failure. There is a growing number of young adults who are struggling to make it on their own and find direction in their lives. These young adults may technically be “adults”, but they lack the life skills they need to be self-sufficient. Frequently, these young people are struggling with undiagnosed mental health conditions.

Most do not understand the value of this type of therapy, and many parents ask, what is Adventure Therapy? Adventure therapy is the use of adventure-based activities (such as hiking, camping, river rafting) to provide young adults (and adolescents) suffering from emotional and/or behavioral issues with experiences that ultimately lead to positive change in their lives and relationships. Our Adventure Therapy Program offers treatment for young adults ages 18 to 26. Through the beautiful outdoors, young adults are isolated from any peers that may have influenced their risky behaviors. Getting away from it all allows troubled young adults to be able to devote their undivided attention towards their recovery. As they hike, camp, fish, and explore, they learn to work with others and benefit from the close bonds they form with their therapy staff and peers.

WinGate offers anAdventure Therapy Program based on the foundations discovered by the Arbinger Institute. We do not believe you can simply change a person’s behavior; you must first find what is driving them to that behavior. Through thorough assessments, we work to discover the underlying causes of negative behaviors so they can be addressed and treated. This leads to lasting positive changes in the young adult’s life instead of short-term changes.

At WinGate, we understand the desperation parents often feel when they see their child emerging into adulthood without being prepared. Like a fish out of water, watching them struggle can be more than a parent can bear. Thankfully, troubled young adults can be helped through an Adventure Therapy Program.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a quality Wilderness Therapy Program and therapeutic transitional living program, committed to adventure therapy and alliance-based therapy for young adults experiencing substance abuse, depression, and/or academic failure. Contact one of our licensed admissions counselors at (800) 560-1599 today!

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

As a premier therapeutic program for struggling young men and women, WinGate Wilderness Therapy provides valued assistance to youth experiencing academic failure and/or eating disorders. When it comes time for a young adult to emerge from the parental “nest” and strike out on their own, theirinhibiting mental health concerns are often revealed. It can be difficult for a parent who wants to help their child, yet not enable them. Troubled young adults who are struggling to make it in life often need intervention to help them wake up to reality and learn the social and life skills they must possess to live an WinGate: enthusiastic young adult boys feeling encouraged at a therapeutic program for troubled adolescentsindependent life. WinGate offers the Adventure Therapy young adults need to overcome their substance abuse and addiction so they can heal from past hurts and spring forward into independent life.

At WinGate, we base our Adventure Therapy Program on the Arbinger Institute philosophies that promote discovering the force causing a behavior before attempting to make a change. Our program is firmly founded on alliance-based therapy that offers lasting changes instead of temporary ones that can fade depending on the environment.

Alliance-based therapy is a proven treatment strategy that works because it inspires genuine and lasting change through the close relationship that is formed between the young adult and their therapy team. Unlike level systems and behavior modification strategies, our therapy plan of action seeks to learn the cause that is driving the unwanted behavior and then work towards removing it through internal motivation.

When a person is fully motivated internally, the changes they make will not be based on external influences that can vary. We have witnessed our program transform hundreds of young adult lives, so we know it is effective even though many Outdoor Therapy Programs refuse to use this method simply because it is more difficult to accomplish. Because of the tremendous training our staff has undergone, we can confidently say that we can achieve creating lasting changes in individuals that could not receive help in other traditional therapy programs.

WinGate Wilderness Program for Troubled Young Adults

Young adults who go through rehab and other sober-living treatment are often ill-prepared when it comes time to leave the program that typically lasts between thirty and ninety days. These young adults frequently end up being drawn right back to the wrong peers and making the wrong decisions that led them to need substance abuse and addiction therapy in the first place.

WinGate offers these young adults a more profound healing experience with our Wilderness Therapy program. Through our program, young adults learn the skills they need to not only live a sober life but also to live one that allows them to WinGate: enthusiastic young adult female feeling encouraged at WinGate's wilderness therapy programbe self-sufficient. If a young adult attempts to live a sober life without being fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need, they are more likely to fail.

Peer pressure is one of the driving factors that leads young adults to go astray. Our program instills self-worth, self-esteem, and self-determination so young people have strong internal motivation to remain sober and learn to say no to the negative influencing peers and situations they may face in life.

Our Wilderness Therapy program allows the beauty of nature to awaken a young adult’s mind. Since they are no longer being influenced by peers, social media, or television, they can fully focus on the healing therapy they are being given. As they develop integral bonds between their support staff and peers, they learn more about themselves and the world around them. Instead of confronting them with their behaviors, we work to help them gain insight and discover ways to make lasting positive changes that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

The young men and women who progress through our Wilderness Therapy program emerge fully ready to embrace life and live it to the fullest without the need for mind and mood altering substances that can ruin their lives. They finally possess the skills they need to emerge into the self-reliant adults they long to be.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a leading therapeutic transitional living program and Wilderness Therapy Program, that delivers outdoor education and Adventure Therapy to young adults experiencing behavioral issues, eating disorders, and/or alcohol use issues. Contact one of our experienced admissions counselors at (800) 560-1599 to get licensed assistance for your struggling young adult today!


WinGate Authorized National Organization for Parents and Troubled Young Adults

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Alcoholics Anonymous is a global organization that seeks to help troubled teenagers, young adults, men, and women of all ages in your local area; who have developed an addiction to alcohol. AA is a self-supported organization that does not affiliate itself with any religion, profession, or political party. There are no restrictions on the age, gender, or education for anyone in your local area seeking participation. AA is open to anyone seeking help for their drinking problem. Along with AA, the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” has been paramount in guiding millions of men and women in their efforts for restoration for over 75 years.

Iowa Adventure Therapy for Young Adults

WinGate Adventure Therapy is an outstanding adventure therapy program for young adults who are struggling with substance abuse, emotional issues, and behavioral problems. At WinGate we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to the parents and young adults they serve.

Struggling young adults in Iowa receive the help they need to overcome their difficult attitudes or actions. While WinGate Adventure Therapy may be located outside the state of Iowa, WinGate gladly accepts struggling young adults from all areas of the country.

Adventure Therapy Works for Young Adults From Iowa

Wilderness Adventure Therapy Programs provide young adults multiple opportunities such as hiking, camping and river rafting designed to provide young adults suffering from emotional and/or behavioral issues with experiences resulting in positive change in their lives and relationships.Struggling young adults have an excellent opportunity to develop significant relationships with peers and staff, while taking in the beauty of the nature around them.

Young adults who are struggling to live an effective and productive life often need some form of intervention to help them understand how to learn the social and life skills they need to attain that life. WinGate provides the type of Adventure Therapy young adults need to overcome their difficulties so they can overcome past hurts and spring forward into an enjoyable and effective independent life.

WinGate Helps Young Adult From Iowa

Whether you are the struggling young adult or the parents of one who is having a difficult time adjusting to adult life, we are here to help you. Our Adventure Therapy Program is based on the philosophies ot the Arbinger Institute. The foundation of this philosophy is that the force causing a behavior needs to be discovered before significant change can occur. The WinGate application of this philosophy in Wilderness Adventure Therapy provides long-lasting change rather than temporary ones that are dependent on the environment a young adult is in at the moment.

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