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Nacogdoches , TX Adventure Therapy for Young Adults

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a top independent living skills program offering Adventure Therapy to young adults in Nacogdoches , TX who may be taking part in sexual promiscuity and/or mood disorders. There is a growing number of young men and women who are struggling to make it on their own and find direction in their lives. These young adults may technically be “adults”, but they lack the life skills they need to be self-sufficient. Frequently, these young people are suffering from undiagnosed mental health conditions.

Although WinGate may be located outside of the Nacogdoches , TX area, WinGate accepts enrollments from struggling young adults from all over the US. Also, it is beneficial to have troubled young men and women receive restoring direction away from the harmful influence of their unsupportive peer group. Often, the struggle to transition from being a teenager to an adult leads to drug dependency, addiction (including gaming), and risky behaviors. Many parents find support for their struggling young adult child by enrolling them in an Adventure Therapy Program so they can receive the treatment they need for their mental health concerns and the recovery therapy they need to overcome their addiction (including gaming).

Our Adventure Therapy Program offers treatment for young adults ages 18 to 26. Through the beautiful outdoors, young men and women are isolated from any peers that may have influenced their risky behaviors. Getting away from it all allows troubled young adults to be able to pledge their undivided attention towards their recovery. As they hike, camp, fish, and explore, they learn to work with others and benefit from the close bonds they form with their therapy staff and peers.

WinGate offers an Adventure Therapy Program based on the foundations discovered by the Arbinger Institute. We do not believe you can simply change a person’s behavior; you must first find what is driving them to that behavior. Through thorough assessments, we work to discover the underlying causes of negative behaviors so they can be addressed and treated. This leads to lasting positive changes in the young adult’s life instead of short-term changes.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a superb Wilderness Therapy Program and independent living skills program, dedicated to Adventure Therapy and alliance-based therapy for young adults in Nacogdoches , TX suffering from addiction (including gaming), mood disorders, and/or sexual promiscuity. Contact one of our experienced family consultants at (800) 560-1599 to get professional support for your troubled young adult child today!

Wilderness Adventure Therapy for Young Men and Women from Nacogdoches , TX

As a top treatment program for troubled young men and women, WinGate Wilderness Therapy provides superb direction to young adults in Nacogdoches , TX suffering from anger problems and/or drug dependency problems. When it comes time for a young adult to emerge from the parental “nest” and strike out on their own, their inhibiting mental health concerns are often revealed. It can be difficult for a parent who wants to help their child, yet not enable them. Troubled young men and women who are struggling to make it in life often need intervention to support them with waking up to WinGate Wilderness Therapy - Sober young adult from Nacogdoches  , TX in remediation after wilderness program for troubled young men and womenreality and learn the social and life skills they must possess to live an independent life. WinGate offers the Adventure Therapy young men and women need to overcome their drug dependency and addiction (including gaming) so they can change from past hurts and spring forward into independent life.

Alliance-based therapy is a proven treatment strategy that works because it inspires genuine and lasting remediation through the close relationship that is formed between the young adult and their therapy team. Unlike level systems and behavior modification strategies, our therapy plan of action seeks to learn the cause that is driving the unwanted behavior and then work towards removing it through internal motivation.

When a person is fully motivated internally, the changes they make will not be based on external influences that can vary. We have witnessed our program change hundreds of young adult lives, so we know it is effective even though many Outdoor Therapy Programs refuse to use this method simply because it is more difficult to accomplish. Because of the tremendous training our staff has undergone, we can confidently say that we can achieve creating lasting changes in individuals that could not receive direction in other traditional therapy programs.

The WinGate Wilderness Therapy Difference

Young adults who go through rehab and other sober-living treatment are often ill-prepared when it comes time to leave the program that typically lasts between thirty and ninety days. These young adults frequently end up being drawn right back to the wrong peers and making the wrong decisions that led them to need drug dependency and addiction (including gaming) therapy in the first place.

WinGate offers these young adults a more profound restoring experience with our Wilderness Therapy program. Through our program, young men and women learn the skills they need to not only live a sober life but also to live one that allows them to be self-sufficient. If a young adult attempts to live a sober life without being fully equipped with the knowledge and skills they need, they are more likely to fail.

Peer pressure is one of the driving factors that leads young adults to go astray. Our program instills self-worth, self-esteem, and self-determination so young people have strong internal motivation to remain sober and learn to say no to the negative influencing peers and situations they may face in life.

Our Wilderness Therapy program allows the beauty of nature to awaken a young adult’s mind. Since they are no longer WinGate - Sober young men and women in Nacogdoches  , TX in remediation after wilderness therapy for troubled young men and womenbeing influenced by peers, social media, or television, they can fully focus on the transforming therapy they are being provided. As they develop integral bonds between their support staff and peers, they learn more about themselves and the world around them. Instead of confronting them with their behaviors, we work to support them with gaining insight and discovering ways to make lasting positive changes that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy is a premier therapeutic transitional living program and Independent Living Skills Program, that provides Adventure Therapy and alliance-based therapy to young adults from Nacogdoches , TX suffering from impulsiveness, drug dependency, and/or anger problems. Contact one of our professional family consultants at (800) 560-1599 today!


National Partnership for Parents and Struggling Young Men and Women from Nacogdoches , TX

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): Offering advocacy and support to struggling teen boys and girls and young men and women in Nacogdoches , TX, and all over the US, who suffer from mental health problems; the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) aims to improve lives blighted by mental illness. NAMI actively campaigns to remove the stigma of mental illness and ensure that troubled teenage boys and girls and young men and women with mental health issues can access the treatment that struggling teen boys and girls and young men and women need for remediation. Through multi-agency working and a firm focus on raising awareness in local Nacogdoches , TX communities of the issues that sufferers of mental health problems face, NAMI aims to improve mental well-being across the country.

Adventure Therapy for Young Adults From Nacogdoches , TX

The Adventure Therapy Program offered at WinGate Wilderness Therapy, an affiliated member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, has been proven to produce great strides in the recovery process for young adults who are struggling with a number of different problematic issues. The young adult may be dealing with substance abuse, behavioral problems, or motivationl issues. At WinGate, we offer highly comprehensive and individualized programs that are focus on solving the problem that struggling young adults from Nacogdoches , TX face.

While Adventure Therapy is sometimes considered to be a non-conventional treatment, there is extensive evidence that indicates this type of treatment is highly effective in achieving positive results.
The adventure therapy we use at Wingate has been studied and monitored intensively to ensure that its benefits can be measured and repeated for every participant.

Adventure Therapy for Young Adults From Nacogdoches , TX

At WinGate, our adventure therapy program the awesome characteristics of a natural environment to raise the level of attention that is given to each participant. There are many studies that show how natural environments expand the development of a greater ability to pay attention to the important tasks of life. This increased awareness leads to practical results experienced by troubled young adults that lead to a positive and effective outlook on daily living.

Due to the fact that any treatment program relies heavily on the participation and attention of its participants, wilderness therapy has a high success rate, due to its capacity for enhancing the ability of participants to effectively engage the activities of the program.

Young Adults From Nacogdoches , TX Needing Adventure Therapy 

If you are parents of a struggling young adult and are considering viable treatment options in the Nacogdoches , TX area, give a serious look at adventure therapy. There is an exceptional amount of data available that indicate that adventure therapy has an extremely high success rate for young adults who are struggling with a number of difficult issues, including substance abuse and addiction.

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, we offer treatment programs that are need-centered and comprehensive. The idea is to provide the participants of the program with the resources and support that is necessary to effectively overcome their struggles.

The Reason Adventure Therapy Works

Adventure therapy is rapidly becoming a program of choice, as parents search for more efficient methods of treating their troubled young adults. One of the most prevalent factors contributing to the success of adventure therapy is the designed comprehensive nature of the program. Troubled young adults will participate in intense and exciting activites where they will learn cooperation with peers, positive interaction with well-trained staff and stretching their personal level of accomplishment.

It has been proven that being exposed to the elements of nature can have a very calming effect, and adventure therapy uses this advantage to the fullest. If you are parents in Nacogdoches , TX be sure and give serious consideration to adventure therapy at WinGate as a viable treatment option for your troubled young adult.

Our consultants at WinGate Wilderness Therapy are available to you as parents or a young adult find the ideal treatment program for your particular situation. Call (800) 560-1599 today!

Adventure Therapy Often Works for Troubled Teens from Nacogdoches , TX

When troubled teens have multiple problems all happening at the same time, the technical phrase for this combination of issues is co-occuring disorders. Unless this combination of problems is effectively treated, the likelihood of relapse after any form of treatment or intervention is quite large.

Your troubled teen might be able to be helped at Burke Health Center, but that might not be the best answer for your son or daughter.

The wilderness program at WinGate Wilderness Therapy addresses those multiple issues in a professional and effective manner. Our desire at WinGate Wilderness Therapy is to help the person you love begin the road to full recovery from their problems, and also help start the path to a productive educational experience.

Unfortunately, Nacogdoches , TX is no different from many other cities in the growing plague of drug abuse and the other events that often follow the increase in drug use. At WinGate we understand, and can help you in these difficult times. Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy right now at (800) 560-1599. We know that successfully completing the Program at WinGate Wilderness Therapy will be a critical step on the path to a rewarding life.

We Help Very Disturbed Teenagers Who Have Serious Problems FromNacogdoches , TX

Troubled teens from Nacogdoches , TX may be dealing with life-destroying problems. Their behavior also creates chaos and confusion in the family. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is the ideal program for bringing your teen and family back to normal. Our entire program is designed to produce positive life-changing and life-long results in the troubled teen.

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy we totally understand how a trouble teen creates havoc and sadness throughout an entire family. Individual diffiulties become family problems, and often parents have exhausted every possible way of solving the problem. That's where we come in. Our excellent staff cares and is compassionate about your situation.

Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy right now at (800) 560-1599 to get the help your troubled teen needs. It might be hard to start the process, but the results will help your son or daughter get back on track for living a worthwhile and rewarding life.

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