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Finding an All-Girls Boarding School Near Louisiana

Sometimes an all-girls boarding school is a good fit for your daughter who is experiencing difficulty. Academic or behavioral problems may be able to be solved in the more focused environment given by a good all-girls boarding school. If you are searching for such a school near Louisiana but have been unable to find one that fits your daughter's needs, we can help you in that search. 

With a national reputation and contact base, we at Wingate Wilderness Therapy are committed to helping you find what is the best fit for your daughter with difficulties. Whatever the problem, addictions, emotional, behavioral, eating disorders, we can help you find the best all-girls boarding school in the Louisiana area.

In your search to find help for your troubled daughter you may discover that a typical all-girls boarding school isn't the best method for helping her restore life and relationships. Each person is a unique individual, and each person needs a program best-suited for their personal needs. A traditional school-based program might not be the type of intervention your daughter needs. Her internal and external struggles may best be solved by participating in the unique experience afforded by wilderness therapy.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy provides a tested and approved program designed to address individual needs and bring the person onto the path of full recovery. Spending time in the wilderness with experienced and compasionate counselors along with clinical therapists, our program utilizes small groups to provide the best combination of cooperation with other, yet giving individual attention. 

Wilderness therapy works. Our success stories give evidence of that fact. That success can happen for your daughter and can begin today by calling us at (800) 560-1599.

We know the first call is hard, but we will help you through that difficult first step and begin the process to full recovery for your troubled daughter. 

Searching for All Girls Boarding Schools near Louisiana

All-girls boarding schools might be the sensible choice for parents of troubled girls from Louisiana who are in need of serious therapeutic intervention.  

If you are having difficulty in finding the best therapeutic help for your daughter, we at Wingate Wilderness Therapy can help. We will help find the best all-girls boarding school near you. If that isn't the best fit for finding the road to recovery, you may find that our wilderness therapy program is exactly what your daughter needs.

What symptoms do parents of struggling girls look for when considering all girls boarding schools?  Depression, defiance towards authority, severe mood swings, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and most of all, poor choices regarding friends/peers/boyfriends.  

If you are a parent of a troubled girl and your daughter is getting F's in school, isolating from her friends and family, hanging out with the bad boys and the bad crowd, and is no longer concerned about college and the future, then consider calling Wingate Wilderness Therapy. Our amazing short term behavioral program can help! 

In this present culture of electronic enjoyment and isolationism, it's easy to lose emotional and open communication with your daughter. And whe we lose communication, serious problems can begin to intervene in their life ane we don't even know. If your daughter is becoming withdrawn and acting with unusual behavior, don't take those symptems lightly. 

An all-girls boarding school might be the best method for helping your daughter through these times. Then again, maybe not. Sometimes a typical school-based situation, even with a therapeutic component, might not be the besst approach for your daughter. 

In either case, if you need help in finding an all-girls boarding school near Louisiana or want to explore a more effective program, give us a call at (800) 560-1599.

We can help you get your troubled daughter on the path of full recovery and restoration.

Ways to Build a Support System for Louisiana Families

The first step is to ask for help.  As the parent or guardian you must make the effort to actively search out the kind of support and guidance that you need for your child. Avoid isolation.  It never is a good idea to try to deal with these emotional and behavioral issues on your own. Don't be afraid to admit that you need support. The interesting thing that occurs when you reach out for support is that you find your strength in your vulnerability.

More on Buidling a Support System for Yourself and Your Family

Although it seems like a obvious step but some people forget to look for spiritual sustenance. It doesn't have to be a specific form of spirituality, in fact, seek it in any form that works for you and your family. Allow yourself to explore the possibility that there is a higher power that can guide you and sustain you in your path to help your child.

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