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With the exception of a two-year period in which Blaine spent performing service in Argentina, Blaine has worked continuously in the Wilderness Therapy industry since 1988. He began as a wilderness therapy field instructor and has more than 2,000 "trail days" under his belt. Blaine has been recruited to assist in helping establish new wilderness therapy programs, and to improve upon existing ones.

His extensive experience has included holding several positions in multiple wilderness therapy programs across several states. These positions have included; Field Instructor, Senior Field instructor, Assistant Field Director, Field Director, Program Director, and Risk Management Director. Blaine currently has a variety of duties at WinGate, including Assistant Operations Director.

Blaine has over 20 years experience as a certified instructor in de-escalation and therapeutic holds. He is a contributor to the development of Utah State Code R501-8 state licensing rules for wilderness therapy programs.

With his extreme level of involvement in, and vast understanding of the requisite underpinnings of any wilderness therapy program, Blaine continues to offer his unique insights that can only come from one of the most experienced persons in the entire industry. Very few people can say they have been working in this specific field for nearly 30 years. Blaine is one of those who can.