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Sari Ammon

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Sari was born in Kanab, UT. Growing up with a father who loved the outdoors, she was raised with a passion to explore every aspect of Kanab and the surrounding landscape. By the time Sari graduated from Kanab High School she, along with her siblings, had hiked every mountain and trail in Kane County.

Sari first started working for WinGate in 2012 as a transporter, office and clinical assistant and then office manager. Here she futher instilled her love for the outdoors and its therapeutic benefits. She moved away for a couple of years attending school and working for other therapeutic programs. In 2018 she returned to Kanab and began working for the company she once loved, WinGate. She has two daughters and has solidified her residence in Kanab so that she can raise her children in the same wonderful area that she was able to grow up in.