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Court Lewis

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Court's life has been one of service and adventure. Both the inner journey, and the external ones. Court chose an unusual path in life. As a child he suffered from various ailments. Finding lasting relief through natural medicine and meditation. He became passionate about synergistic wellness practices and traditions. While also discovering self confidence, strength, clarity; and down to earth "good for the soul" spirituality in nature. This propelled him to go live with ancestral cultures around the world.

Court is passionate and knowledgeable about synergistic arts and the natural world. He enjoys practicing and teaching various meditation techniques, indigenous skills, kundalini yoga, calisthenics, running, sacred geometry, vision quests and other ceremonies, discussing ideas and principles and living with purpose. When not at WinGate, Court can be found doing similar things as a nomad living in various towns, while continuing to evolve fully. Court's favorite hobby is hiking with his cat Moon.

  • Certified Master Naturalist in the desert region's of Utah.
  • Reiki Level One and Two Certified Practitioner.
  • An avid meditator since age 15.
  • 5 years trained Herbalist.
  • Teacher & Student of synergistic arts (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nei Kung, Falun Dafa and Kundalini yoga).
  • Ancestral Skills practitioner (primitive survival, wild-crafting, navigation, vision quests, fire making).
  • Certified in Liturgical Arts (ceremony, divination, geomancy, art, global ancestral stories and traditions).