On March 30th, 1969, on Hill 467 Plei Trap Valley, South Vietnam, the 125th US Infantry soldiers are surrounded by more than 2,000 North Vietnamese enemy troops. The US helicopter pilots have been told by their command to escape and evade. There is no way helicopters could get them out. It was just too dangerous for them. However, the helicopters came anyway. Their motto was to leave no man behind.

The video captures the communication between the three helicopter pilots as they take enemy fire while extracting the US troops. Waldo, Pigpen, and “Slick” Pilots defy command and rescue the troops shortly before Hill 467 is overrun by the NVA.

Radio communication between helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War. A video with more details can be found here:

Shortly after Mark Garrison wrote GUTS N' GUNSHIPS, he discovered, through a perfect storm of events, an audio recording of his involvement in the extraction of American forces that were about to be overrun by thousands of enemy troops. This was a lucky discovery. The mission on Hill 467 is described in Garrison's book, GUTs N’ GUNSHIPS.

The following is a small excerpt of the actual radio transmissions. You can find the full audio click here.

Mark Garrison - Why I Wrote Guts N' Gunships

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