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Addiction in Young Adults: When They Need Help, Wilderness Therapy Is a Better Option

Addiction in Young Adults: When They Need Help, Wilderness Therapy Is a Better Option


There comes a time when your kids become adults—when they are legally able to make their own decisions and make their own mistakes.

You are expected to let them go—but just because they have come of age doesn’t mean you stop caring. When one or more of your children fall into trouble with drugs or alcohol, you can’t just watch from the sidelines. You have to help them find their right path again. But what kind of help is the right kind of help? Encouraging them to seek help means finding the right program, and wilderness therapy just might be what you’re looking for. 

Addiction: How can I get help for my young adult?

Knowing that addiction is a difficult disease to overcome, it’s best to first understand why they can’t just stop on their own. Often, when someone is suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, the substance abuse is just a symptom of other issues. Commonly known as co-occurring conditions, the addict may also be suffering in silence from other disorders and other illnesses, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, social disorders, motivational disorders, and even the “failure to launch” phenomenon. Drugs and alcohol may be just a small part of what your young adult is going through, so it’s important to find an organization that can help treat the “whole” of the problem, and not just what you see on the surface. 

So, how can you get them into a program? The reality of getting a child of legal age to cooperate isn’t always easy, but you can make it seem a little more appealing. By providing an interesting alternative to traditional rehab-type treatments, it may make a difference in how your emerging adult responds, as well as their openness to rehabilitation. 

What services are there for young adults?

There are all types of services available for your loved ones. They may range from traditional 12-Step programs and detox, to more alternative, holistic approaches at residential centers. While holistic approaches (including massage and energy work) may be popular, there is no real proof they work better as they claim. That’s why when it comes to long-lasting results, wilderness therapy has been proven as one of the more effective means of therapy. Participants in wilderness treatments are guided toward restoration through the incorporation of the Earth’s natural healing capacity, the use of ancient cultural systems, and advanced clinical techniques which provide an optimal therapeutic environment. Through nature, they learn not only to live clean, but to view the world as a more restorative place, instead of a place that facilitates destruction. 

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is hard enough to kick, but if an addict could get long-term results even faster, wouldn’t you want your adult child to do it? As a program designed with young adults in mind, Wingate Wilderness Therapy, helps those who are stuck in a rut and need help getting out. Wilderness therapy works, and it’s time for your loved ones to begin their healing. 

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is a highly successful and sought-after program that helps teens face their issues and take their own accountability in things. We firmly believe that the teens and young adults who come to us are capable of making better choices and recognizing their own potential. To find out more, call us at (800) 560-1599.

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