Have you ever at anytime worried that you might get cancer? Well let me tell you, it's nothing to worry about. In the recent research by the University of Iowa, patients with autism have cancer-related gene mutations but have a low risk of getting cancer. Though not entirely new, Dr. Benjamin Darbro, head of the study, believes that the research team was able to dig deeper and learned more about this unique link between cancer and autism.

From looking at other studies about it, they found that autistic people have genes that are rare and rich variants in their genes that can cause cancer. But the intriguing part is that autism was linked to 94 percent lower cancer risk in children.

Gene Architecture Provides Protection

Autistic kids, fourteen and under, seemed to be protected from cancer. Though not protected from other types of medical conditions, they have a genetic architecture that gives them the interesting protection. There may be a possibility to have a way to treat both autism and cancer. It just takes more research and testing.

Gene Research

Now this study gives some reassurance, it doesn't give an excuse to risk your health. Eating properly and exercise help prevent diseases and live a much longer life. I've been guilty of not living healthy but I'm striving to. For example, I would normally eat a apple for breakfast. a salad for lunch, and something for dinner and would go work out whenever I get the chance.

Nutrition For Health

So I'm literally taking an apple a day to keep the doctor away. But it's always good to go to the doctor to check how healthy you are. Whether autistic or not, make sure you take care of yourself physically and mentally. I suggest you talk to a nutritionalist about what kind of diet you should go for and make the choice whether to follow it or not. Also as you choose to follow the diet, you got a great support system in the form of family and good friends.

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My name is Tay Gallagher.  I grew up in a variety of...

My name is Tay Gallagher.  I grew up in a variety of places. I went on a mission for my church. I'm currently a student at Dixie...