Teaching Young People to Appreciate Delayed Gratification

It’s not just about grades: The importance of delayed gratification can be seen in any challenging goal that takes a long time to complete.

Imagine sitting down to start studying a new language: According to the Foreign Service Institute, even the easiest languages take up to 600 hours of study.

In a busy schedule, that could be 300 days of consistent effort. Other endeavors, like learning a musical instrument or computer coding, could take even longer. Where do young people – or, indeed, anyone – get the patience and perseverance to succeed?

Delayed gratification is the key.

Delayed gratification gives kids the power to take on goals so big, it’s impossible to see where they end – and to take “little bites” of them over time, even when no progress is noticeable. This is a skill that’s absolutely essential to lasting happiness as an adult.

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, we create an environment conducive to helping young people understand the value of persistence and self-directed effort.

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