For years WinGate Wilderness Therapy has helped thousands of families find success in the classroom by finding success outside the classroom first.

The 3 things we have learned about how to help struggling children through school:

1: Most Students Hit a Rough Patch.

80% of successful students hit a rough patch in school while on their own path to success. The important part of any rough patch—whether it’s school anxiety, school refusal, or getting expelled from school—is overcoming the adversity and getting back on track.

2: Traditional Schools Do Not Have the Budgets or the Funding to Help Every Child Succeed.

With school funding cuts for the arts, counseling, and extra-curricular programs it is no wonder traditional school programs do not have the resources necessary to attend to the needs of every child in the system. If you are looking to help your child, it is necessary to explore outside options and find ways to help your child have success.
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3: Often Problems Related to School Performance Are From Outside Factors.

Research has long shown that career performance can be negatively affected by personal issues. This is no different for students. Lacking confidence, dealing with bullying, or other social issues can be what is causing your child to fail. Removing your child from the situation can allow them to tackle what the real issues are behind poor performance in school.

How Sleep Deprivation is Causing Major Health Problems in Teens

Sleep deprivation is causing major health problems in U.S. teens. It may come as a shock to some parents that sleep deprivation is one of the nation's leading culprits in destroying the very fabric of our youth. With a rise of mental health illnesses of epidemic proportions, today's teens may have their poor sleeping habits to blame.

If you are a parent of a teen that is displaying strange behavior, poor grades in school, or sudden weight changes, they may be a product of poor sleeping habits. If this has become a growing concern and you feel as though you have exhausted all parenting techniques in combatting your teen's unhealthy habits, call the troubled teen experts at WinGate Wilderness Therapy. We provide therapeutic intervention to troubled teenagers suffering from a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to, teen boys and girls who suffer from sleep deprivation.

How does lack of sleep cause major health problems in teenage boys and girls?

Like most issues that hinder a teen's state of well being, this issue can be traced back to an unhealthy habit. Teens will stay up late often surfing online, sending text messages, watching TV, and finishing homework they should have completed earlier. This can eventually lead to serious health consequences. Recent studies have shown that teenage boys and girls who stay up online have an increased risk for mental illness. It is possible that there is a correlation between teen's lack of sleep and our nation's sudden epidemic of mental health issues among teenagers.

Teen's lack of sleep might also cause more than just the deterioration of their mental health, it may also lead to obesity! Additional research has proven that not getting adequate sleep can contribute to obesity in both teenagers and adults. Some studies have revealed that lack of sleep can affect the body's hormones which regulate appetite causing teenage bodies to remain in a constant state of hunger.

Parents trust in WinGate to combat issues like sleep deprivation and other issues that may lead to major health problems in teens

Sleep deprivation can have a downward spiral effect on your teen's future. For example: if your teen doesn't get adequate sleep and then performs poorly in school, they may not have the grades to get accepted into the college of their choice. This, of course, is just one example of many negative outcomes that lack of sleep may have on your son or daughter's ultimate future. Don't hesitate, get help now! Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy for immediate assistance. You can reach us anytime at 1-800-560-1599.

WinGate’s program for middle, high school, and young adults allows students to remove all distractions and focus on the real problems that translate to greater success in the classroom and in life. If your family is currently struggling with common issues such as school anxiety, school refusal, school expulsion, or general performance issues WinGate can help.

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