Find Help And Healing In Nature (Continued)

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ADD is a condition in which thoughts race and vie for attention. ADD sufferers are noticeably more sensitive than others to external distractions. Their minds can move so quickly they “can’t hear themselves think.” Wilderness therapy radically reduces distractions. At the same time, it offers opportunities for creativity and discovery that engage the mind and foster concentration.


When young people are faced with big challenges – psychological, medical, physical, or social – they have a tendency to identify their “whole selves” with that challenge. WinGate Wilderness Therapy helps them recognize their hidden depths and potential. This unfolds both individually, through personal reflection, and in a social setting that creates strong, healthy friendships.

Process Addiction

With unprecedented access to media and online technology, today’s youth are at risk of addiction to gaming. What’s more, many of today’s games include repetitive elements of chance that can set the stage for gambling addiction. Nature therapy allows for an emotional “detox” from the media in question while helping young people recognize risk factors and build self-discipline.

This is only a fraction of the many concerns wilderness therapy can help with. Each of our program participants is unique, with their own strengths, circumstances, and challenges. In years at WinGate Wilderness Therapy, however, we have learned all young people share certain needs and capabilities, including the ability to move on from difficulty into a happy, healthy future.

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