Why Dr. Phil Says 15-Year-Old Shouldn’t Go Back To His Parents’ Home ‘Right Now’

Fifteen-year-old Cole has been kicked out of multiple schools and isn’t allowed to live at home because his parents, Josh and Lena, claim he’s angry, violent, steals, drinks, smokes marijuana, and bullies his younger siblings.

Offering Cole the choice to attend Wingate Wilderness Therapy in Utah, a residential program for struggling teens and young adults, Dr. Phil tells him, “It’s a perfect fit for you if you wanted to call timeout and hit the reset button for yourself.” 

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Recommending family counseling Dr. Phil tells Josh and Lena, “I don’t think he should move back into the home right now.”

Then, addressing Cole, he says, “You can maybe move home if you guys can come up with a plan where it’s not chaotic, and everybody respects everybody else.” 

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