Why They Bully

Someone who acknowledges their self-worth and genuine value as a unique individual often seeks to find that same worth and value in others. Similarly, a person who dislikes themselves and does not believe in their own worth seeks to destroy the self-esteem and self perception of others. This reasoning can explain why some adolescents are more prone to bullying their peers – they themselves are insecure. If you know that your child is a bully to others, there is something that you can do to help them change their behavior.

Girls Bullying Through TextWinGate Wilderness Therapy offers an exclusive treatment environment. The seclusion they provide, outside of all the busy daily distractions, allows one to enjoy the quiet peace, self-reflect, and gain insight regarding their situation. After a period of time, youth come to realize the source of their negative behavior, thereby beginning their journey to mend old wounds and live life more fully. There is a famous saying that holds true for wilderness therapy. “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”

How Wilderness Therapy Can Help

The continuous surveillance and intervention youth receive while enrolled in WinGate's program allows three separate things to happen. First, it enables stronger relationships to develop between adolescent and therapist. Second, the increased trust and time spent with therapists enhances the healing process, and allows for greater personal growth and improvement. Third, the patience that WinGate therapists maintain while helping youth allows them to, to a certain degree, come to the realization of their negative behavior on their own and in their own way. WinGate acknowledges that some particular cases and youth take added time to gain such realizations, which is why the program is so efficient. Therapists will allow youth to adapt and change their mindsets at their own most effective speed and pace, which breeds better cooperation among adolescents.Bryce Canyon with Grand Staircase Escalante Monument 

As youth participate in group activities, discussions, hikes, relieving moments away from distractions, and overcome natural obstacles of the wilderness, they will begin to better understand their identity and self-worth. With this greater understanding and eventual appreciation of their own value, their previous desires and habits to bully and cause harm to others will soon diminish. You will also find that your child's ability to resist immediately jumping to angry/aggressive behavior will have strengthened dramatically. Get help and contact WinGate today.

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