Lack of motivation is common in many teens. There are many reasons your enthusiastic child has suddenly seemed to lose all interest in doing just about everything. Each child is different, but the most common causes of lack of motivation in teens are:

*Hormonal changes

*Halted emotional growth

*Self-esteem issues


*Peer pressure

*Lack of opportunity

*Fear of failure

What Can A Parent Do?

There are some things you need to wait out. For example, hormonal changes are going to occur regardless of what you do. That is something that will eventually work itself out. Many of the causes of lack of motivation, however, can be addressed effectively. In fact, it is necessary to address them.

Allowing a lack of motivation to continue can result in your child ending up losing out on an important time of life, a time when their future as a successful and productive adult falls into place. A parent can try everything, and it still won't work. That does not mean you are a poor parent, it simply means your child needs "more". That is where wilderness therapy can make a big difference.

How Wilderness Therapy Helps

One of the first things that wilderness therapy puts into place is a situation where your child is facing surroundings that may be completely unfamiliar. At first, staff will need to provide a great many tools to aid your teen in learning the things necessary to navigate in this environment, but as each skill is acquired and perfected, your child's self-pride, self-awareness and self-confidence will all begin to grow.

Secondly, with each success, your teen's self-esteem grows. As it becomes greater, depression lifts. Things like fear of failure move aside as your child learns about the power they have to survive. The wilderness allows for a chance for leadership skills to develop and for your child to have a reason to face each day with enthusiasm and hope.

Getting Help

If your teen is experiencing difficulty during the transition into adulthood or through the teen years and you fear they are heading down a path that will end in disaster, wilderness therapy can help. One of the greatest expressions of love a parent can show is stepping back and allowing their child to grow in a manner they may not be able to provide. Your connection with your child will become stronger from the experience. To learn how can help please call us at: 1-800-560-1599

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