Signs to Look For if You Suspect Your Teenager Has a Substance Abuse Problem

For parents who are concerned with the possibility that their child is taking drugs, or perhaps experiencing a problem with alcohol, it can be a very scary time. Teenage substance abuse can have long-term physical effects, especially because their brains are still developing. Furthermore, this abuse's influence will most likely extend into an adolescent's behavioral patterns. To know for certain if your child may be abusing, here are a few signs to search for:

* Have their grades suddenly dropped?

* Are their eyes often bloodshot?

* Do they burst out laughing for no apparent reason?

* Has your child lost interest in activities he or she used to enjoy?

* Has your child's personal appearance diminished?

These are just a few symptoms, but if you've suspected substance abuse and have recently witnessed any of these signs in your child, it is time to address your concerns. Ask the right questions with the appropriate tone to encourage your child to be honest with you. Please do not overreact if they admit to abuse. It is far more important to begin discussing how to help the situation. However, if they deny abuse, ensure to remain supportive and insist that help is always available if needed.

Who to call for help

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is a treatment center for teens struggling with substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, depression, or other issues related to mental health. The program helps teenagers from across the country learn life skills that they need to obtain sobriety and self-reliance.

What makes Wingate Wilderness Therapy different from the rest?

At Wingate, your teen will receive the counseling they require for intensive healing and recovery. Wingate's program offers constant observation and counseling. Part of the Wingate experience is the therapeutic wilderness atmosphere where your child is free from the distractions they typically experience. Your child will have the ability to focus their attention solely on the process of healing.

If you know your child has a problem with substance abuse, or even if you suspect they might, contact Wingate Wilderness Therapy and ask for a professional evaluation. They have helped thousands of teens get their life back on track and grow into healthy productive adults. They use the best proven therapeutic practices and combine them with a wilderness experience to provide your child with life-changing strategies and help them beat their addiction. Don't waste another day of your child's life and call today 800-560-1599.

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