Managing And Coping With Anger (Continued)

Written by Greg HitchcockPosted on in Section Teen Paths

Anger and Mental Health in Youth

Sometimes, a young person can get caught in a cycle of anger that seems impossible to escape.

Perhaps something traumatic has happened, and the confusing feelings that result cause frequent anger. Or perhaps, for reasons that might be hard to understand, a young person will start to get angry more often about things that would have been “no big deal” before.

Anger is especially harmful when it’s used as a way of feeling in control of a confusing world.

Occasionally, too much anger can signal a health condition, like a problem with the brain. In most cases, however, it simply means new coping mechanisms are needed. Kids, teens, and adults can all reach a point where they need to create a different relationship with anger.

That starts in a safe environment where it’s okay to speak openly about feeling angry.

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