Rescuing Can Create an Unhealthy Relationship

No matter your age or background, you’re more likely to feel emotionally strong when you have a support network of people you can rely on. When rescuers barge in, though, they can change the meaning of those same relationships. Feeling “rescued” again and again gives a person less self-confidence and instills a feeling of dependence on others whenever times get tough.

WinGate Means Helping: A Unique Experience of Exploration and Transformation

So, what exactly is helping?

Whenever possible, helping should focus on giving others the tools, resources, and perspective to choose their own better path for the future. By creating the conditions for a solution to come from within, the helper offers selfless support. That gives those helped greater confidence, resiliency, and strength – so similar problems in the future will seem much more manageable.

At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, this is the core of our approach. We help adolescents and young adults tap their inner strength so they can better manage behavioral issues, mental health, dual diagnosis, and more. Our compassionate environment helps kids learn about trust and responsibility in the company of others their own age – with guidance from our experts that focuses on meaningful achievements out in nature, judgment-free therapy, and introspection. To learn more, contact us today.

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