Wingate founder, Shayne Gallagher will be on the Dr. Phil show on Tuesday, April 5th

Find Out What Happened That Shocked Everyone

Be sure to watch the Dr. Phil show this week to hear Shayne Gallagher as he is called upon to help a family in crisis. Wingate Wilderness Therapy was chosen by Dr Phil to be the treatment provider for Maria and Troy's 16 year old daughter, we is "out of control".

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"Beautiful and Out of Control" - Dr Phil - Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Maria and Troy claim their life is full of yelling, screaming and raging acts of violence caused by their “disrespectful, out-of-control,” 16-year-old daughter.

The parents say their daughter started smoking when she was 10, sneaking out the house when she was 11 and by the time she turned 14, they say they were at their wits’ end and sent her to a boarding school for children in crisis.

Maria and Troy say that the 16-month stint away from home did nothing -- and that it only fueled her rage. Now, instead of “sneaking out,” they claim their daughter walks out the front door late at night and doesn’t return until the next morning.

Maria and Troy claim their daughter parties, drinks and does drugs all night with her older friends, whom they have never met. Maria says she should call the police to look for her when she disappears but doesn’t, because she says her life is easier when her daughter isn’t around.

Maria, who admits she’s afraid of her daughter, asked the show for help by giving her the opportunity to speak with Dr. Phil -- find out what happened that shocked everyone. Can Dr. Phil help these parents regain control of their daughter? 

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Update from March 2017

Maria and Troy were struggling with their our of control teenage daughter. With older friends eager to lead their daughter down a destructive path of all-night parities, full of drinking and drugs, Maria and Troy turned to Dr. Phil who sent their daughter to WinGate Wilderness Therapy for help.

Fast forward and a true success story is beginning to emerge. Maria and Troy both are excited to have their precious daughter back with Troy reporting on his daughters recent progress stating that she has, “graduated early…is working full time and doing really well. She’s been doing amazing work lately thanks to you (Shayne Gallagher), Aaron (WinGate therpist), and [the] WinGate program. It’s changed my life, God bless you.” 

Corey's Story - The Typical Wingate Experience

Please note: Corey is not Maria and Troy's 16 yr old daughter.

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