Dr. Phil finally meets 14-year-old Kendall, as she confronts her family members. Did the abuse happen?

Fourteen-year-old Kendall has made serious accusations against many of her family members. She accuses her mother, Jill, of hitting her, her stepfather, Anthony, of threatening her, and her sister of choking her, which they all deny. But perhaps her most serious allegations are that her father, Brent, acted in a sexually inappropriate way toward her, which he adamantly denies and the rest of the family say they do not believe. Anthony and Jill fear their marriage is headed for divorce due to Kendall’s out-of-control behavior and alleged lies, while Brent says he fears his daughter is not getting the help and structure she needs to straighten out her life. After the taping, hear more from an emotional and angry Kendall as she comes to terms with what is next.

'My Family Has Never Believed Me'

Kendall's family adamantly denies all the accusations and claims she is a chronic liar. Recently, Kendall admitted she lied when she made the accusations against her sister. Why does she claim she felt forced to do it? Hear her explanation and hear why she claims she filed a restraining order against her stepfather that was eventually dropped.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Phil asks Kendall, “Does it strike you odd that everyone you know is abusing you?” Dr. Phil brings to the teen’s attention the seriousness of her claims. He also warns the parents that they shouldn't be around Kendall for fear of what she may say and what it could mean for them. He then refers them to WinGate Wilderness Therapy.

In the video below, Jill informs Kendall of her parents’ decision to seek help from WinGate Wilderness Therapy. See the teen’s emotional and explosive response as she comes to terms with what is next for her.

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