A Cycle Of Abuse

With substance abuse, the self-destructive behavior becomes habitual in a way that isn't just psychological, but also physical. Even alcohol can become such a part of a person's bodily health needs, that it requires a slow wean rather than a swift dismissal. Heroin abuse leads to terribly virulent come-downs which involve days of recuperation. Breaking such a cycle requires, first, getting away from the substances. Since these substances are so related to the mind through biology and psychology, behavioral responses include a range of variety. These responses can have negative aspects. However, in order to properly facilitate recovery, it is fundamental to counteract any negative responses.

Teens in Wilderness HikingWays To Overcome Substance Abuse

Overcoming addiction is no small task, but defraying negative modes of thought is definitely an integral part of it. The wilderness can help eliminate the desire for the "high" that drugs bring through actual experiences in an otherworldly place. Today people are so caught up in city life that they forget what it means to truly be out in nature and make memories. When young people have a sense of time, space, and safety, which is relatively unfamiliar, it awakens their natural human curiosity, wonder, and excitement.

Oftentimes, when wilderness treatment is used, it is done in a way that is passive. That is not to say apathetic, or lazy. That is to say that practitioners patiently invite troubled teens to engage, rather than force them. The key is avoiding the emanation of a power-struggle. Teenage boys and girls are in a position where they are not full grown yet, but sometimes feel they are. This naturally pushes them to assert their independence, which results in a variety of squabbles if this behavior is fed into.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy

If you are looking for therapy to help your troubled teen, you should look for an organization that offers an invitational approach to therapy. Wilderness options can help provide enough new experiences to a teen that they will accept that invitation. WinGate Wilderness Therapy offers treatment for a bevy of teenage conditions, including:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Defiance
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Adoption Issues

...and much more. Due to the fact that wilderness therapy incorporates team ethics and technological liberation (cell phones and the media can be a big part of the problem), WinGate Wilderness Therapy can help facilitate a positive change in your teen or young adult through conducive therapy practiced by patient and understanding personnel. WinGate has been known to get long-lasting results faster, and builds stronger, healthier individuals in the process. If your teen has developed a substance abuse problem, it’s time they get professional help.

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