There are so many therapy programs available that it can be extremely difficult to determine which program will be most beneficial for your loved one. This is especially true if your struggling child has been to several rehab programs in the past to no avail. It may lead you to think that a stricter program, like a teen boot camp is the best solution. However, many teens and young adults are finding great success in perhaps the most unlikely place – the great outdoors.

What Are Wilderness Programs?

Wilderness therapy programs are becoming an extremely popular option for teens and young adults that have tried everything but still have a lack of motivation for change. A comprehensive wilderness program offers the same professional therapy treatments as traditional rehab centers. The only difference is that these programs are held outdoors.

While this may seem like a small difference, it makes a world of difference for the participants. It literally takes them out of their comfort zone and away from modern conveniences, technology, and the stresses of life. Participants will spend their time in-between therapy sessions camping, hiking, playing games,  learning outdoor skills, and more.

Wilderness-ImageBenefits of a Wilderness Program

Rather than using the scare tactics that sometimes are associated with teen boot camps, a wilderness program opens the door for new opportunities and new experiences. The fewer distractions allow the participants to focus fully on their own recovery and on their future. The peacefulness of the natural surroundings also can help those struggling with depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD, as well as encourage those that have a lack of motivation to become more engaged.

As the participants learn new skills, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment, which can bolster confidence and self worth. There also are many team-building exercises, where participants must learn to depend on each other. This helps build relational skills that are vital for restoring broken relationships with friends and family members.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy offers an exceptional recovery program in the beautiful Utah wilderness. Struggling teens and young adults can break away from the everyday stress factors that may be hindering their recovery process and spend time focusing on their own development. This program is perfect for anyone looking for real change, even those who have had a lack of motivation to take the next step.

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