If your teen has been acting differently than normal, it may not be simple exhaustion that's taking its toll.

For teens with sleeping disorders, it's alcohol and marijuana use that may to blame. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between sleeping problems and teens who use, and even if your teenager isn't using now, if they have a sleeping disorder, they are at risk for this kind of substance abuse.

Recent Research Supports This Theory

Recent findings from a RAND corporation study - published online in the May 2015 issue of Sleep Health - have indicated that adolescents with sleeping problems are more likely to abuse alcohol and smoke marijuana. In this web-based, cross-sectional survey, they included controls to account for mental health symptoms and sociodemographics, and still found that sleep problems were associated with an increase in alcohol and marijuana use in teens. Bedtimes for both weekends and weekdays were also assessed, as well as the previous month's alcohol and marijuana use.

In completing this Los Angeles-area based study, which included 2,539 teens with an average age of around 15 ½ years, and ethnic and racial categories that included non-Hispanics (white), Hispanics, Asians, and "Other," it has given parents cause for concern. Parents now have a new reason for monitoring their teenager's sleep habits, and the National Sleep Foundation has a long list of facts and potential consequences for teens not getting enough sleep.

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