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Fact: A troubled teen who continuously acts out in negative behaviors is just as likely to ruin their lives as a severely depressed child is to act on suicidal ideation. Whether a child is depressed, emotionally unstable, stigmatized as a 'troubled teen,' or perhaps even a combination of all three, they are in need of receiving professional help. 

Fortunately, professional help isn't hard to find. With America's rising trend of emotionally suffering and behaviorally out of control teens reaching record highs, so does the treatments that can effectively treat them. Even better news? Top mental health treatments and facilities are highly successful in treating struggling teens, up to an 80% success rate in some cases (wilderness therapy). 

Problem: While there are many options for parents of a depressed or troubled child to utilize, it is often hard to convince a child that they are in need of said treatments; This is particularly the case for troubled teens. For troubled teens, treatment often requires them to be placed in a facility, wilderness program, or boot-camp, some of which require teens to live away from home for up to a year. But what many parents fail to realize is convincing their child he or she is need of treatment is not at all necessary for the success of their recovery process. 

Convincing Vs. Explaining The Need for Professional Help

Teens who want to get better, typically do. And teens who don't feel as though they don't need to get better, typically don't. Unfortunately, telling a troubled teen, they are in need of professional help that requires them to be away from their friends or family for an extended period is a hard sell to pitch. However, a troubled teen immediately accepting their need of such treatment is rare. Rather than banking on a miracle, understand that it's explaining why that matters. In other words, an uncompliant troubled teen is much more likely to have a change of heart while in treatment if they understand the love and care that went into his/her parent's decision.

Show The Love and Your Troubled Teen's Change of Heart is Sure to Follow

If you are sending your child away to a residential treatment center or wilderness therapy program, it is because you have no choice in the matter. Your troubled teen's actions -if left unchecked- will result in years of turmoil for them at best, and a tragically early death at worst. Having said that, show your child how much it hurts having to make such a difficult choice of sending them away from home. 

Personal Note To Parents (Based on The Experience of a Former Troubled teen)

As your teenage son or daughter is about to leave for the treatment center (that will ultimately save their life) hold them tight enough so they feel the tears streaming down your face. As they feel your broken heart beating rapidly, hard-pressed against their face, they will most likely say cruel remarks out of anger as they push away from your loving embrace. But, after their anger subsides, and as they drive or fly far from the dangers of their environment that led them astray, your child will be forced to at least acknowledge the reasons behind your decision to send them away. And, after all, it is understanding, not accepting, that is the first step to recovery. 

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