Help In A Crisis

There's a psychological element involved with at-risk youth that requires them to seek outward assistance beyond the ability of parents or guardians. Consider your own childhood and adolescence. Weren't there areas where it would have been fine to get help from mom and dad, but you were mortally afraid of asking for help? Weren't there areas of adolescent pride that prompted you to hide things from your parents? Everyone goes through that kind of thing, and depending on its severity, there are going to be statistical instances where the progression of problematic behavior has gone too far, and another authority needs to step in. It's not always possible to direct behavior of a teenager, but it is always possible to direct your response as an adult. When it gets to the point where you are no longer able to keep a reign over your own emotions in a discussion with your son or daughter, it may be time to seek additional assistance. If they can get you to lose emotional control, then you are easier to manipulate; and that is bad for your child in the long run. But one area where no amount of emotional manipulation can change things is the wilderness.

Advantages Of Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Photo Benefits of approaching therapy from this angle include:

  • Tools For Management of Depression and Anger
  • Stabilization of Anxiety/Mood Disorders
  • Curtailing Of Substance Abuse
  • Personality Disorder Correction
  • Body Image Restoration
  • Traumatic Experience Soothing
  • Adoption Issues

Certainly, everyone is different, and therapy programs which incorporate the wilderness must adapt to meet the needs of each individual. Professional practitioners directly treat patients. Groups are not large, and both education and treatment solutions are combined so that no time is lost in this most critical area of maturation.

Wilderness Clears The Mind
There's a relationship between man and nature lost in modernity. Teenagers today that are able to experience nature in its fullness can enter into this lost relationship and obtain a separate perspective from that which previously informed their at-risk behavior. Oftentimes, this is one of the most gentle and effective ways to break through.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy
Wingate Wilderness Therapy is located in Southern Utah, and has been recommended nationally by Dr. Phil and many other professional psychological practitioners. Offering wilderness support and individualized and group therapy, Wingate helps many at-risk youth turn their lives around and transition into healthy adulthood.

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