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The Relationship Between ADHD and Depression and Anxiety

The Relationship Between ADHD and Depression and Anxiety


At Wingate Wilderness Therapy a huge majority of our teens are dealing with, or have dealt with complications arising from maltreated ADD and ADHD. Obviously, the fact that they have become our client means that their issue has not been resolved and might be the underlying cause of all other problems.

Fortunately for the Wingate client and his or her parents, a therapeutic-based wilderness experience is the perfect setting to help them through difficulties derived from ADD and ADHD. When these issues develop into high levels of depression and anxiety, it has become serious.  We have helped hundreds of teens overcome depression and anxiety related to untreated or maltreated ADD and ADHD.

Recognizing The Signs of ADHD

According to the CDC, as of 2011 about 11% of children between the age of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD in America. The causes of ADHD remain unclear but many professionals agree it's a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and potential problems experienced during early development. While ADHD has become a widely understood affliction among teens, it’s important to recognize the connection between ADHD, depression and anxiety. Concerned parents should look for certain indicators that their teen may be struggling with relationships, school or other aspects of their life. If you are worried about the happiness and well-being of your teenage son or daughter, take a few moments to review some warning signs.

Symptoms of Depression

Since the symptoms of ADHD and depression are so similar, it can be challenging to properly diagnose those who suffer from both conditions. Certain characteristics of ADHD like restlessness, boredom, and disinterest in otherwise favorite activities are also indicative of depression. Addiction in some form is another warning sign that something is wrong. If you believe your teen is suffering from depression, look for symptoms such as:

 Difficulty eating
 Mood swings

ADHD & DepressionSymptoms of Anxiety

Although the Mayo Clinic contends that ADHD does not cause anxiety, it’s accepted among healthcare professionals that those with ADHD are much more likely to develop anxiety to some extent. Anxiety among teens may be exasperated by a variety of stressors such as crowded get-togethers, school gatherings, and in some cases, simply leaving the house. Some of the symptoms of anxiety to look out for include:

 Difficulty sleeping
 Stomach pain
 Fear without a clearly defined cause
 Ever-present worries

To receive expert guidance and provide your teen with the help he or she desperately needs, call Wingate Wilderness Therapy today. We recognize how difficult it can be to see your child experience a wide array of complex, difficult emotions at such an early age. ADHD, depression, and anxiety affects more than just those who suffer from the symptoms.

Issues like these extend far beyond the patient, impacting the lives of friends and loved ones. Our staff is dedicated to improving the wellness of those who need help. If you are eager to see your teen happy again, don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff for therapy, substance abuse, and counseling solutions.

More about Wingate Wilderness Therapy - WinGate therapists and field staff never allow judgments, labels, or diagnoses interfere with what we have in common—our humanity. It’s our absolute respect for every adolescent, young adult, and family we work with that sets our short-term wilderness therapy program apart.

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