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The Unseen Scars Of Bullying

The Unseen Scars Of Bullying


Bullying can leave scars that are even worse than those left by child abuse. A person bullied as a child can suffer grave consequences as they go into their teens and even on into adulthood. The child who is bullied by their peers may suffer depression, anxiety, stress and even anger outbursts as they enter their teen years. Studies have been conducted and the results prove children who reported being bullied have impaired stress responses and their levels of inflammation are high.

Know The Signs That Your Child May Be A Victim Of Bullying

If you are the parent of a teen who is going through a rough time and you are not quite sure what is causing them to be so difficult; look for these signs as your child may be the victim of bullying.

* If you notice any physical marks such as; scratches, tears in their clothing or they seem to be losing a lot of their personal items.

* Your child seems to have few friends.

* You may notice reluctance from your child to want to go to school or to want to walk to school even though you live close enough, or takes an illogical route to get there.

* You may notice your teen is sad often or moody, depressed or shows unusual signs of anger. They may even be having trouble sleeping and showing no interest in school work. Physical signs could be increased headaches or stomachaches.

Being Bullied Can Lead To DepressionBullying Commonly Leads To Depression

Teenage years are very difficult and when a teen experiences the trauma of bullying it compounds their feelings of low self-esteem which escalates into depression. You may be experiencing signs in your teen that have made life at home incredibly challenging. They may be angry, shutting down, defiant or even unexplainably depressed. If you feel as though you've reached the end of your limits, know there is help for you and your child.

Wilderness Therapy Has A Long History Of Success

Wingate Wilderness Therapy has a top rated program for troubled young adults. If you know bullying is the root of your child's outbursts, or you need to find out what has caused them to become so unhappy, contact Wingate Wilderness. Their therapy has proven to be effective in helping young adults who are struggling with complex issues we as parents can only guess about.

Wingate Wilderness will provide your child with coping skills and equip them with methods to thrive in their environment. Contact them today and see how they can help you both. Call 1-800-560-1599

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