Is Wilderness Therapy Uncomfortable?

When youths join WinGate Wilderness Therapy, they might feel discomfort – about being away from home, the outdoors, or their ability to fit in. Making peace with discomfort about the unknown is essential to maturing emotionally. Plus, even if it seems scary at first, this is a completely safe environment for young people to find their way through that uncertainty.

With help from our compassionate guides, they’ll push past that first shock of discomfort and see firsthand their ability to make positive changes and reach meaningful goals out in nature.

That gives them the tools to put other “discomforts” into perspective – whether they are facing mental health conditions, academic challenges, or anything else they need to overcome.

In the beginning, wilderness therapy can be uncomfortable, but it is always safe. And, in the end, it can give adolescents and young adults new resources to help them navigate to a brighter future.

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About the Author:
Sheri Gallagher
Sheri Gallagher

Founder/Director of Operations

Sheri was born in Utah, however, typical of military...

Sheri was born in Utah, however, typical of military families, her family moved a lot. The longest she lived in one place was 2½...