When your child first entered this world you probably thought there was no greater miracle. The wonderment of being the parent of this incredible and perfect human being was overwhelming. The months and years following that day only reinforce how great parenting can be of a child. Then that child becomes a teen and you find yourself with new feelings of wonderment. You wonder how this violent, angry, and sometimes out-of-control person can be the child you held so protectively in your arms all those years ago.

These are difficult times and as hard as it may be some days; you have to remember it is your child under all that emotional display. If your child experiences any sort of trauma, they are more likely to lash out at the ones they love most- you. Your child still needs your protection and that involves finding out what has caused this behavior, and once identified, needs help to deal with it. Wingate Wilderness Therapy can help you and your troubled teen.

Finding Peace in the Wilderness

Adventure Therapy offers opportunities for your child to rediscover themselves in a wilderness environment. It provides established therapeutic practice in a healing environment that includes consistent observation and intervention. The Wilderness setting provides help through traditional individual therapy blended with group therapy sessions.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy has found that even the most resistant teens respond to their treatment methods. They are able to help those struggling with addictions, depression, and anxiety find peace with themselves and gain a stronger self-worth helping them to continue to get stronger as they grow. They will help your teen make a change in their life that most other therapies cannot, as their outdoor settings have proven to be far more effective than the traditional in-door therapy sessions.

Outdoor settings create a natural environment where one is able to pay more attention. In the natural environment, your teen will be able to focus better, which will make therapy more effective and treatment more possible. A professional staff member from Wingate will work with your teen to not only identify their struggles, but also resolve them.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy will help your child learn new life skills. They will teach your child a new philosophy and way of living that excludes ;acting out, being depressed, or being dependent. The experts at Wingate Wilderness will help you get your child back.

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