Becoming limitless, does that sound misleading? If so I apologize for that. The intention of the blog is to inspire the autistic and anyone in the spectrum to believe that they don't have to go by their limits. So for todays post I would like to clarify what it means to become limitless.

Now I still believe that as we overcome our limitations and we become limitless. But I also know that there are somethings that we can't do. For instance Stephan Hawking can just jump out of his frozen state and tap dance while explaining the big bang theory, yet with the help of his computer he's one the best scientist in the world. Stevie Wonder sees darkness all his life, but writes powerful music that has people dancing and singing. Aron Ralston may not have the use of two arms but he still climbs mountains and like adventure. Each of us have limits that we can or can't overcome. With the limits we can overcome it takes some work. Like writing, reading, driving a car, etc. With limits that we can't overcome, you don't need to be ashamed because you have flaws or limitations that can't be fixed. Think of them as a way that allows you to see the things you can do. Some autistic people aren't vocal when trying to communicate but they can have a voice in their writing. Some might never be able to do simple things on their own but they have brilliant minds. And some may not be the best with empathy but they can be there as a friend. To put it simply we may have limits that can stop us but as focus on the limits that we can work on, that's when we become limitless.

When I was in my junior year of high school I looked the traits that an autistic person has and make a list so that I can see what I traits I have or don't have and work on the traits that I have so that I wouldn't have it anymore. So if you or someone you know with autism wants to see what traits you have so you can work on them I suggest you look it up from any where that talks about autism, then make a list, and then see if you can work on the problems to the point where it's not part of your life. If there are problems that you can't fix don't worry about just go to the next one. But don't give up some take time to change as long as you work on them. Some limits might not change at all but some can as you continue to work on them.

Thank you for you time

Tay Gallagher

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My name is Tay Gallagher.  I grew up in a variety of...

My name is Tay Gallagher.  I grew up in a variety of places. I went on a mission for my church. I'm currently a student at Dixie...