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What Is The Foundation Of Adventure Therapy?

What Is The Foundation Of Adventure Therapy?



In recent years, adventure therapy has become one of the most popular alternatives to more traditional forms of therapeutic treatment.

With this growing popularity, it is incredibly important for parents who are looking for help to understand how this approach differs from traditional treatments and what the unique advantages of these programs are.

If you're in this situation, then there are two primary elements of adventure therapy that you must understand: First, that it is intended to be an experiential learning process. Someone going through adventure therapy doesn't simply take a passive role in their recovery. Instead, they are put into situations that allow them to grow as individuals and better understand the factors that initially led them to struggle.

This process of experiential learning also ties into the second primary element of adventure therapy, which is an emphasis on the development of character traits and personal growth. Someone going through this process will gain self-discipline, emotional maturity, and be encouraged to develop more pro-social habits.

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How Does Adventure Therapy Relate To Wilderness Therapy?


While adventure therapy is used in many different ways, one of the most successful forms of this treatment is wilderness therapy. This type of treatment creates the situations that adventure therapy is known for: personal growth by placing an individual in nature for a significant amount of time. As they spend time in the wilderness, the individual is able to focus on personal development while being completely isolated from the distractions. The transformation that individuals who go through wilderness therapy experience is often very dramatic.

Is Wilderness Therapy The Right Choice For My Teen?

If you're currently considering different treatment options for your son or daughter, then wilderness therapy could be the right answer. Programs like Wingate Wilderness Therapy have been incredibly successful in treating issues like substance abuse, anger, violence, poor school performance, rebellious behavior, depression, and many other problems. Sending your son or daughter to stay with us for just a short time could give them the tools they need to make a long-term change to their life. Contact us today at 1-800-560-1599.


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