There are many reasons young adults seek the help of a wilderness therapy program. Often, they are dealing with emotional and mental health constraints that are preventing them from being able to live a healthy, balanced life. All too often, these issues cause them to indulge in drugs and alcohol which can further complicate their mental health issues. At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, we have been able to successfully help hundreds of young adults pursue sobriety so they can emerge from our program as capable, self-sufficient adults who are in charge of their futures.

What Should Young Adults Expect Coming out of a Wilderness Therapy Program?

When a young adult goes through our program, their full mental and emotional concerns are addressed so the right treatment approach can be put in place. Using the beautiful backdrop of nature, we work to help troubled young adults learn the life skills they need to live sober, healthy lives. In the great outdoors, there are no distractions that interfere with treatment so the results are lasting and offer great success, even when a young adult has not found success in other types of programs, like rehab.

Young Adults in the Wilderness Seeking Answers

Coming out of any residential treatment program can be challenging. When young adults return to their normal lives, they must be able to rely on the coping skills they have learned through Wingate Wilderness Therapy so they do not turn to their old vices.

We recommend our young adult graduates focus on a structured strategy so the transition from wilderness therapy to normal home life goes as smoothly as possible. Each young adult wilderness graduate’s focus should be on the following:

  • Keeping a schedule that is easy to follow
  • Being bold in saying no when needed
  • Taking care of their health, exercising, and eating healthily
  • Surrounding themselves with a support network of sober family and friends
  • Enrolling in outpatient therapy or counseling
  • Setting strong boundaries, especially in the beginning

Some young adults find the transition from treatment to home somewhat difficult because of family issues that have not yet been resolved. This is why Wingate Wilderness Therapy works with the entire family to ensure issues are resolved and familial bonds are strengthened so our young adults have a safe environment and a supportive family to return home to.

Our expert staff understands the trauma mental health concerns, emotional issues, and behavioral problems can cause to an entire family. We are here to help parents and their young adult children find hope and healing so life can be lived to the fullest, without binding limitations.

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