Why Mental Health Disorders Often Emerge In The Early Twentys (Continued)

Written by Craig RogersPosted on in Section Youth Trends

Anxiety disorders range from panic and phobia-based types, to social and general anxiety variances. One person may suffer from chronic worrying about everyday life, while another’s anxiety may be hyper-focused on a single phobia or fear. An addition, within each subset of anxiety, there lies many levels of affliction. This is why it is so important to seek treatment as soon as possible when being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, as failure to receive treatment will only feed the anxiety and allow it to further destroy an individual’s mental health.

If you know a young adult suffering from anxiety, it’s important that they seek professional help. At Wingate Wilderness Therapy, their professional staff of clinicians help struggling young adults to work through all types of mental health challenges, including those that may come with co-occurring conditions. Providing powerful tools to help young adults implement their own change, Wingate helps young adults to not only emerge healthier, but better able to manage their anxiety for the long-term.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy is a highly successful and sought-after program that helps teens face their issues and take their own accountability in things. We firmly believe that the teens and young adults who come to us are capable of making better choices and recognizing their own potential. To find out more, call us at (800) 560-1599.