As a parent, you know all too well how difficult the adjustment can be for your child as they move from childhood to adulthood. For some teens, the adjustment can be particularly difficult and they end up as "troubled" teens who make poor decisions and eventually become depressed. And once such a teen becomes depressed, they can easily turn to more harmful behaviors such as substance abuse, sneaking out of the house, partying, or even acting out sexually.

The hardest part for you as a parent is that you may feel completely powerless to stop your child's behavior. Seeking immediate, professional help can save your child at this vitally important time of transition, and could mean saving them from heading full-force down a path of future negativity and trouble.

That's where a unique program such as WinGate Wilderness Therapy can put your child back on a path of healing and personal responsibility. The fact is, the trouble you see your child facing may just be the top of the iceberg.

What is WinGate Wilderness Therapy?

WinGate is a premier wilderness program that offers hope and healing to troubled teens and young adults. With over 80 years of collective experience in wilderness therapy programs, the specialists at WinGate know how to help troubled teens and young adults find a new direction and purpose.

Why Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is much different than traditional forms of therapeutic settings for troubled teens. For starters, there aren't the day-to-day distractions which come with traditional settings, and the experiential treatment happens 24 hours a day. It's all done in a wilderness setting that is therapeutic in itself and combined with established, effective therapeutic practices. Lifestyle changes are enhanced by overcoming the natural challenges found in the wilderness, and the self-esteem that comes with meeting those challenges. Moreover, studies have shown that natural environments - as opposed to indoor ones - result in a higher attention span and less distractions. Cell phones are left behind, as are any opportunities to interact with various forms of media, including social media.

Perhaps most importantly, the WinGate system seeks the kind of internally motivated change that develops through the therapeutic alliance between the client and clinical team. There are no group consequence or behavior modification techniques. It just may be the perfect option for a troubled teen or young adult who has struggled with other forms of treatments.

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