Wilderness Therapy Over Other Types Of Therapy

It’s been a long, tiring day, and you finally head to bed. You glance down to your phone and see how late it is, but you know you’ll have another restless night. Things have been so challenging lately, and you can tell things are only getting worse... You love your child, dearly, but why have they been acting out so much? This question occupies your mind each night, preventing you from getting enough rest. After much contemplation, you discover that it all comes down to one question for you. “What can I do to help?”

Often times, the root of an adolescent’s troubled behavior comes from outside influences or stressors that lead them to act dangerously or carelessly. Therefore, the first and most logical step would be to remove them from these negative influences. You may find yourself wondering, “How do I remove them from the negative influences if I do not know what they are specifically?” Thankfully, this can be easily resolved thanks to a remedy known as wilderness therapy.

Why WinGate Works

According to Insider Therapy, an online mental-wellness news network, the following may be said about wilderness therapy. “Students in the wilderness reconnect with their core values because there are very few distractions. In the wilderness, the therapy process is much deeper, more defined, and more profitable to all participants.” Acknowledged as one of the best wilderness therapy programs in the world, WinGate has successfully helped a significant number of youth reevaluate their lives and set themselves of a new and healthy course. WinGate is soRedCliffs Scenic Image effective with the individuals they treat because of the different key aspects that make their program so unique. Below are a few listed.

  • the use of an individualist approach
  • striving to get a response instead of resistance from treated youth
  • complete seclusion from daily distractions (technology, media, etc.)
  • continuous and uninterrupted surveillance
  • greater opportunity to grow close to the well trained therapists

Do not delay in providing your child with the help they need. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is the right program to help your youth get themselves back on track to becoming good, productive, law-abiding citizens. WinGate's goal is to walk alongside their students as they venture into change."

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