Every young person goes through trials when growing up. During difficult times of change, some issues may become so overwhelming that they require help from experienced professionals.

Whether a young person struggles with mental health concerns, substance abuse, the pressures imposed by chronic illness, or other challenges, getting care is vital. The right treatment helps youths develop the coping skills to navigate complex, emotionally-charged situations now and in the future.

Every teen and adolescent is different, however. Each one carries a truly unique perspective and set of experiences into the therapeutic relationship. Not everyone will have the same response to traditional “talk therapy” - and not everyone will see improvement from it.

With that in mind, wilderness therapy offers an alternative proven to lead to better mental health.

Science Proves that Wilderness Therapy Works - It Only Seems Like Magic

Recent research has continued to shed light on why wilderness therapy makes a big difference to so many at-risk adolescents and teens.

It Works for Prevention, Early Intervention, and Treatment

Although wilderness therapy is often used when many other options have already been tried, it provides benefits in many different situations. Behavioral and psychological issues can all be relieved. It is never too early or too late to find out how outdoor therapy can help!

It Clearly Improves Many Markers of Youth Mental Health

Although every person and problem is different, many young people struggle with a similar complex of symptoms arising from life trauma. Therapeutic experiences in the great outdoors have been shown to make a big difference in all these ways:

  • Significant reduction in symptoms related to depression.
  • Significant reduction in suicidal ideation and related issues.
  • Better management of difficult emotions like anger and sadness.
  • Healthier behavioral regulation and communication with family.
  • Overall stronger feelings of self-confidence and well-being.

It Provides Skills That Can Last a Lifetime

One reason wilderness therapy is so powerful is that participants learn lessons they can continue to apply for years to come. In a distraction-free environment focused on cooperation and shared goals, young people find freedom from established patterns of unhealthy behavior.

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