WinGate Wilderness Therapy is excited to announce the hiring of industry leader Christopher Black as our new Director of Admissions.

With over 24 years of experience in behavioral health, focused largely in Wilderness therapy, Christopher brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the WinGate admissions team.

“Christopher's professionalism and experience will be a ‘breath of fresh air' for all involved,” says Greg Hitchcock, WinGates Director of Outreach. “We are excited about Christopher's enthusiasm and look forward to the immediate impact he will have on the admissions department, as well as the overall integrity his involvement will bring to WinGate families.”

Christopher first experienced the power of “Wilderness Therapy” when his sister was sent to a wilderness program during his youth. After witnessing his sister's incredible change from her wilderness experience, Christopher signed up personally and ended up walking the wilderness trail for 6 years as a staff member. Christopher's wilderness experience many years ago is the foundation that launched an incredible career in Behavioral Health.

Having been an executive team member for many reputable programs, Christopher brings a wide array of knowledge from his experience in the world of Residential Treatment, such as intimate knowledge on how to create systems and processes that enhance the organizational infrastructure.

Education has been a constant in Christopher's life. Currently, Christopher is working toward completing additional degrees; physical science, psychology and nursing. Christopher is working towards obtaining a license to prescribe with a doctorate in Family Medicine and Psychiatric care. Christopher's vision is to create momentum for reform in regard to medication management.

Christopher spends much of his time in the mountains, canyons and lakes of Utah. His love for outdoor adventure, in his words, ‘fills my soul.' He is often found rock climbing, trail running, canyoneering, skiing, snowboarding, motocross, and boating.

As WinGate moves towards expansion, Christopher's leadership will play an integral role in taking WinGate's proven therapeutic model to a larger base. “If there was one individual who could help us move the needle and poise our company for future growth, it's Christopher Black,” Hitchcock further added.

The staff at WinGate Wilderness is enthusiastic about the opportunity to have Christopher join the team and look forward to the synergy and optimism he will bring to the overall mission and vision of WinGate.

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