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The recovery process can be challenging, overwhelming, and demanding. It asks us to give our all to our sobriety. It tests our commitment in every way possible, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As we recover, we prove to ourselves just how strong and resilient we truly are. With all of our fear-based limiting beliefs, we tend to think of ourselves as weak. We fear we won't be capable of staying sober. We doubt our resilience, our determination, and our willpower. How can we become even more resilient in our recovery, to rise to the challenges of sobriety?

The Ability to Pick Ourselves Back Up Again

Resilience is not emotional stoicism, being unbothered and unphased by tough challenges, or feeling invincible in the face of our difficulties. It's not being emotionally nonchalant. Resilience is actually the ability to recover from challenges, to pick ourselves back up again when we've been knocked down. When we're resilient, we don't quit just because things have gotten tough. We challenge ourselves. We lovingly push ourselves. We adapt to new situations. We're flexible, patient, focused and determined. We can think critically and solve problems. We learn how to have more control of our thoughts, emotional responses, and behavioral patterns. We don't let tough emotions debilitate or paralyze us. We're able to feel our emotions rather than suppressing them, allowing ourselves to move through them and process them in order to make peace with them. We're strengthened by our challenges, not impaired by them.

It's Healthy to Feel Our Emotions

Developing emotional resilience teaches us that feeling our emotions is not a sign of weakness, as we may have previously believed. We're not inadequate for having strong feelings, or for being challenged by something. There is nothing wrong with us for having emotional reactions to life's difficulties. We want to get to the point where we can acknowledge and identify our emotions but not be overly destabilized by them. We want to maintain our emotional equilibrium. We want to be able to feel stable, balanced and at peace no matter what life throws at us. This emotional resilience becomes the foundation for our recovery, and for the healing work we'll be doing for the rest of our lives.

Inner Strength and Determination

The more resilient we become, the less vulnerable we are to our addictive patterns. We know when we're being emotionally triggered, and we can identify it as such, without compulsively turning to our drug of choice for relief and comfort. We strengthen our willpower and resolve to stay strong in the face of temptation and addictive urges. We no longer feel the same dependence, impulsiveness, and fear when it comes to our addictions. We may not necessarily feel cured, but we feel more in control. We can control our impulses and our emotions. Our thoughts and our bodies no longer feel out of our control. We no longer feel overtaken by a debilitating, overpowering illness. We feel our addiction is something we can successfully overcome. We know how powerful our addictions can be, but we believe in our power even more. We believe in ourselves and our ability to keep ourselves strong. We have faith in ourselves and our recovery. We feel determined to keep ourselves sober, and we learn to finally prioritize our well-being.

Changing Our Beliefs and Self-Talk

How do we become more resilient? Creating a foundation of emotional resilience starts with our belief systems, how we think and feel, and how we speak to ourselves. Are we feeding ourselves limiting beliefs, disparaging self-talk about our lack of resilience, pessimistic views of our recovery, and endless self-doubt? Are we worrying about our sobriety more than we're working at it? Are we giving into our fear more than we're practicing faith? What do you believe about recovery, and about yourself? Do you believe recovery is possible? Do you believe you're strong enough to stay sober?

Let's affirm to ourselves how strong and powerful we are, as often as possible, until our self-empowering internal dialogue becomes our new inner voice. Let's make that voice so self-loving, so encouraging, so uplifting that the old thought patterns of fear and self-limitation become a thing of the past. Let's not beat ourselves up for our mistakes but use them instead as fuel for our motivation to do better. Let's envision ourselves feeling strong and independent, courageous in the face of our challenges, and undeterred by anything that comes our way. Let's create new beliefs to replace our old limiting beliefs and to reinforce our sobriety.

Affirmations for Resilience

“I am resilient. I am strong. I am powerful. I am brave. I am healing myself, in all ways. I can face anything that arises in my life with courage and grace. I can get through any challenge, no matter how tough. I can pick myself back up again, no matter how far I may have fallen. I can always start again. My mistakes are the lessons I will use to help myself heal and to support others. I believe in myself. I surround myself with love and support. I let people help me. I allow myself to feel my emotions. Feeling is a crucial part of healing. I have faith in myself and my recovery.”

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About the Author:
Shayne Gallagher
Shayne Gallagher

Founder/Executive Director

For more than 30 years, Shayne Gallagher has provided...

For more than 30 years, Shayne Gallagher has provided healing wilderness experiences for adolescents, young adults, and families. With...