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The Mayo Clinic describes family therapy as Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Family therapy is used as a short-term treatment. A session may include all family members or just part of the family, depending on the issues and willingness of household members. The mission of family therapy professionals is to restore families and repair their damaged relationships.

Parents of troubled teens and troubled young adults can primarily benefit from family therapy. This is because troubled young people often put a strain on all family dynamics among all members. Furthermore, troubled adolescents often alienate themselves from their families, leaving parents in a state of dismay and leaving their respective family members hopeless as to what they can do to offer help to the adolescent. By participating in family therapy, strained relationships and family dynamics can be restored. Family members can learn new strategies in terms of providing support to the troubled adolescent, assisting them in their time of need. Family support perpetuates the treatment a troubled youth may have learned while enrolled in treatment. This ultimately ensures that the troubled teen can continue growing, further distancing themselves from their troubled past.