Group therapy

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Group therapy is a psychiatric treatment practice that is presented in a group-like setting. A group therapy session includes one or more psychotherapist professionals treating a small group of people simultaneously. Group therapy is used to treat behavioral issues such as anger management disorder or drug addiction.

Group therapy is utilized when the shared involvement of others would be more effective than individual treatment. If a person is struggling with a disorder that other like-minded people are also suffering from, they are put in a group where they can support and give feedback to each other. This kind of therapeutic practice is particularly useful to a panel of individuals suffering from similar addictions or dependencies. When fully engaging in the group and helping others through similar issues, an individual can apply the same tactics to their  life.

Wilderness therapy programs emphasize the importance of group support. Furthermore, wilderness therapy requires people to work as a team, overcome obstacles together, build positive relationships, and finally, reach restoration as a group as well as individually.