Independent living skills / skill.s


Independent living skills or life skills, is a particular skill set that allows a person to live a fully functional, adult-lifestyle. Independent living may skills include, paying bills, balancing a checkbook, and budgeting a bank account for living expenditures. Additionally, people who have life skills are also able to hold down some employment so they can live independently.

Unfortunately, there are many young adults who fail to acquire independent life skills that are necessary for living a life of genuine independence. Many young people are simply ill-prepared for adulthood, for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that many young adults are just troubled teens who have reached adulthood. This, of course, means that these young people are now, troubled young adults.

Troubled young adults often lack independent living skills that are necessary for living a functioning, adult lifestyle. This is because troubled young adults spent much of their adolescence self-indulging and abstaining from hard work or life preparation of any kind. Instead of focusing on their future, troubled young adults were focused on other aspects of their lives, such as their friends. Young adults, such as these, were more focused on having fun than preparing for their life ahead. This, in turn, results in a young man or woman in having acquired underdeveloped independent life skills.

Wilderness therapy and the development of building independent life skills.

The character and self-confidence building aspects of wilderness therapy makes it a viable choice for young men and women who, thus far, are ill-prepared for adulthood. There is no other environment than that of the wilderness that truly requires a person to have life skills. Additionally, a person who develops independent skills in the wilderness is surely able to live a life of independence in their own, regular, adult-lifestyle.