Life skills


The term, "life skill," refers to one's ability to cope with challenges of daily life, especially skills in communication, decision making, occupational requirements, problem-solving, time management and planning. Life skills are developed during adolescence and early adulthood. To summarize, life skills are essential abilities one needs to effectively, and productively, navigate through life.

When concerning troubled teens, life skills, although absolutely essential for living a normal life, are aptitudes that are critically neglected and underdeveloped. For example, troubled teens tend to lack the life skill required to properly manage stress, or anger. Due to their lack of ability to use proper life skills, teens turn to unproductive and nonsensical "solutions" to ease their anxiety or anger. The severity of negative solutions vary, from laziness to self destruction, but ultimately results in grave ramifications for the individual teen if left unchecked.

To summarize, troubled teens who fail to develop fundamental life skills, are incapable of living a life of success. These teens suffer from a faulty mindset, which if left untreated, may result in dire, even fatal, consequences.