Troubled teens

trou.bled teen


The term, 'troubled teen,' is used to identify adolescents who consistently display impulsive, self-destructive and out of control behaviors. The behavior of troubled teens can be modified after enrolling in a treatment program known as, psychiatric treatment for troubled teens.

Troubled teens display harmful behaviors such as, self-harm, substance abuse and rebelliousness. Teens who are considered to be 'troubled' are at risk of developing life-long, potentially fatal, habits. Troubled teens are at high-risk of abusing harmful substances as a means of dealing with personal, psychological issues. For this reason, it is crucial for parents to seek treatment for their child.

Troubled teens suffer from severe, psychological disorders. It is because of these disorders that troubled boys and girls choose to display out of control behaviors. However, through pscyholgocial treatment, teens who are deemed as 'troubled,' can achieve psychiatric restoration. Additionally, therapeutic services such as, therapeutic boarding schools, group homes, residential treatment centers and wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens are viable choices for parents of troubled teens to consider.