wilderness therapy

Wil.der.ness / ther.a.py


Wilderness therapy is a form of behavioral treatment that assists troubled young adults and troubled teens in restoring their lives. Wilderness therapy is a therapeutic intervention program that helps addicts and psychologically illogically-ill individuals. Wilderness therapy differs from other, more traditional therapeutic intervention programs, as wilderness therapy is not a behavioral modification program. Contrary to behavioral modification programs, wilderness therapy programs employ no force, confrontation, point or level systems, or other overt behavioral modification techniques or models. Instead, wilderness programs implement stress assertiveness, open communication between staff and students, and put a strong emphasis on group supportiveness.

Wilderness therapy is unique in it’s approach of assisting struggling young people. Instead of using psychological manipulation that other, more traditional, programs implement, wilderness therapy uses the wilderness environment as a tool for developing character, self-worth and confidence. By using a series of tasks that increasingly grow in level of difficulty, campers must depend on one another to complete certain objectives.Teens and young adults learn to work as a team and learn the importance of developing strong, positive relationships. Upon returning home, teens and young adults will be able to choose positive influences, as they now view the importance of symbiotic productivity of people they spend time with. Moreover, teens and young adults are able to value the support that positive camaraderie provides, and the positive ramifications that, materialize as a result.

Wilderness therapy has proven to be an effective treatment program that assists thousands of young people in fully rehabilitating and changing their lives for the better. With psychologists and other therapeutic professionals on staff, wilderness also implements traditional therapy in conjunction with the powerful environment that only the great outdoors can provide.